Advantages Of Russian Mail Order Brides In 2021

If you have been searching for a foreign woman for marriage, then the Russian mail order brides is the way to go. These brides’ values and culture are remarkably exceptional to the end that men going for Russian wives are admired greatly. Read on for more details these brides’ definitive features and why you should take one home. 

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Russia: Travel Guide and Wedding Traditions

The first thing that comes to many people’s mind when looking for a Russian mail order bride is how to navigate your way to and from Russia. It may surprise you to know that travelling to Russia is easy and fun. Independent travel is increasingly becoming easier as years go by, thanks to friendly rules and regulations.

You must apply for Visa to be allowed access to Russia. While the process may be laden with bureaucracy, you will find many travel guides and agents to help you through. It is also worth noting that accommodation can be arranged in advance.

Once in Russia, you may want to get accustomed to the wedding traditions. The first aspect of finding Russia brides for marriage is the payment of the ransom. This is a fun tradition, where the groom is required to go through a series of challenges to determine how much they love their bride.

You must also be ready for the betrothal process to find a Russian bride. Here, you will be required to stand before the church’ entrance and wait to be blessed by a priest. You and your bride will receive lit candles and hold them for the rest of the wedding day.

Moreover, the Russian orthodox ceremony demands that you prepare for the crowning ceremony. Placing crowns in a couple’s head is considered as the most important part of the ceremony. You will be required on a piece of rose colored cloth as the priest places a crown on your heads.

Kissing a bride must be a part of your itinerary when finding Russian mail order wives. Tradition has it that a kiss seals the souls of two people forever. You may be expected to kiss your bride for a while to get the life-long bound you always wanted.  

Personality Traits of Russian Women

Your quest to find Russian brides is not misplaced, given that these women have amazing personalities. They brides are known to provide all the care and warmth that you need in your life. The culture shapes them to take care of all men’s needs, which includes keeping their bodies attractive.

Further, the beautiful Russian brides are extremely optimistic. They are often subjected to hardships and as such, they must be optimistic to survive in Russia and other parts of the world. Russian wives are not the first ones to run when the going gets tough.

Russian women are respectful toward their husbands. The culture requires them to place their marriage above their careers and other personal goals. Hence, respecting a husband is an ingredient that never misses in the mix.

When you find Russian brides for marriage, be certain that they will be sincere. They do not scheme on their men or even tell a lie to get their way out. Rather, your bride will share their thoughts and opinions with you because they sincerely believe that you can handle all matters accordingly.

Unlike the popular stereotype, Russian women are educated on world affairs. You could hold a conversation with them and enjoy it because they hold a college degree. They also speak more than one language since they live in a multicultural society.

Who Are Russian Mail Order Brides?

Russian mail order brides are women who are willing to meet foreign husbands by listing herself on a catalogue. They work closely with an international marriage agencies, where brides are introduced to men from various counties for the purpose of dating or marriage. The agencies comply with the international marriage broker regulation act.

Young and beautiful Russian women are likely to look for husbands online given that marriage is considered as an important part of the culture. A girl approaching her 30s is regarded as an old maid in the country. With the men being less than women, finding a husband from different parts of the world is obviously a great option.

It is not unusual for people to have cold feet when trying to answer- is Russian bride legit? The truth is that the brides are checked thoroughly to determine their legitimacy. Getting scammed in the process is unlikely, especially when you find the best website to find your bride.

How to Find the Best Website with Russian Brides?

International dating websites have a long history of successfully hooking men up with amazing Russian mail order brides. Nonetheless, you must take caution to find the best website and avoid fraud and other complications. Doing your own investigation is mandatory if you want the best results.

When thinking of how to get a Russian wife, go through the catalogue on the website and view the bride’s images. You may want to avoid sites that feature the same images of women. Russian brides come in different sizes and shapes and hence, a legit website will have a variety of them for you to choose from.

Legitimate websites on Russian brides are likely to have many positive reviews. Accordingly, go through the reviews and find out if the previous clients were thrilled. Negative reviews or no reviews may indicate that you must keep looking for the best options.

Still, you should consider the levels of professionalism on a Russian mail order bride’s websites. Find out if the company is ready to communicate regularly and the kind of language used to address serious matters. You should also request them to give you documentation or links to show that the website is run in compliance with the international online dating regulations.

A Russian woman knows that she is a woman and she likes it… In her heart she feels like a tender, weak and beautiful creature made for love, family and children.
An American woman knows that she is a personality and has equal rights for self-expression as any man does. It means she doesn’t differ from him much in her inner world. Girls from Russia use make-up, pay serious attention to haircuts, dye their hair, use nail color.

American women seldom use make-up to strengthen their brightness. It is considered to be bad manners – ‘bright make-up and bouffant are used by women of pleasure and prostitutes’.
American women dress quite formless, clothes concealing peculiarities of their body, breasts, legs. In Russia an opinion is quite widespread that an American woman means broad jeans, trainers, an undershirt and a T-shirt above it. And a personality inside all this. Such a manner of dressing is an absolute flatness from a Russian point of view.
For American women a family is a presence of two parents for a child that naturally favorably affects their development. And men sometimes interfere with women in this pedagogical process.
Russian girls are women for a family. They are wives… and a child for them is happiness that can be given to herself and to her beloved husband. An aim of a family is to live long and happily and die one day with a husband, surrounded by children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren. A family is a value by itself. A married Russian woman has a higher social status.
Sex is good, especially when it is good for everybody. In Russia this topic was closed for discussion for a long time, and now… sex is fun, it tones up and it confuses.
In Russia one likes to joke about sex and speak in equivoques about it, but not directly.
American girls treat sex easier… They can quite calmly discuss their oral sex experience in front of a camera on some TV-channel. Sex is allowed, needed and useful. And it is not very much connected with marriage. Women and men are equal in their ‘sex rights’.

Types Of Russian Mail Order Brides

1. Russian women and ukrainian women are the most beautiful. The majority of foreigners from different countries are ready to put up with it. But, together with it, our compatriots use tons of make-up no matter if it is appropriate or not. They cream foundation even when they go to a beach, and are ready to wear high heels for the whole day.
2. Finding themselves in a foreign country, girls start snapping eyes with curiosity and excess bewildering foreign women by their tactlessness. But such a shocking and aggressive behavior is quite reasonable, as there are less men than women in Russia.
3. We take all our best with us. Russian women dress during their trips to capture in photos their best clothes. Summer is short in our country, there is no time to wear summer clothes. Where else if not on vacation can one show oneself at one’s best? 
4. At the same time, clothes often look fussy and its possessor looks pompous in them, and colors don’t coincide. Our compatriots’ liking of brands tells Russians among foreigners.
5. Our country is big and compatriots are proud of its wonderful language. Russians abroad often keep speaking their mother tongue without even taking any efforts to learn a few phrases of the country they are travelling to. Many of them think that hotel’s staff should necessarily speak Russian and if it doesn’t, Russians may even become outraged.

6. Having looked attentively at girl’s clothes and accessories one can see Russian words or national symbols. T-shirts with letterings ‘Russia’, names of football teams, three-colored elements resembling of the flag are quite fashionable among tourists. Besides, some things may be specifically national: Russian hat, colored handkerchiefs in hohloma style, a downy palatine.
7. Russian women often betray themselves with an incredulous look. In comparison with foreigners, Russians used to smile less without cause. Compatriots feel distrust and awareness to a stranger turning to them. However, in big companies Russians get used to behave noisily and laugh loudly putting more reserved Germans and British out of temper. As a rule, while celebrating a holiday in a restaurant, they put tables together, celebrate in a big way, sing songs and drink much alcohol.
8. Russian people spend much money when they rest and almost never bargain, for what they are loved in many countries. A big heart and a large scale are seen here as nowhere. Rich women, for example, first buy jewelry and than clothes fitting to it. But having lived abroad for some time they start adhering to some price limits.


All in all, Russian mail order brides never disappoint. They have great values and personality to make your life a little easier and interesting. Your only role is to find the best website with Russian brides and everything else will flow.